About me

I have been conducting interviews for 18 years now. Following the paths of my journalist mother and literature professor father I began as a journalist myself long time ago.


I have been questioning artists about their ambitions, celebrities about their private lives, and academic people about the science they had dedicated their lives to.


I have interviewed many well-known and celebrated people from Amsterdam to the USA, who were Involved in various projects from world-peace too male-fashion, history of sexuality or fine art.

These articles were published in various magazines and periodicals (Cosmopolitan, Magyar Hírlap Magazin, Amazona.hu, Elle). I am proud of that even as a beginner my writings always made my interviewees pleased that I was expressing their thoughts and feelings without any distortion.


Gaining an MA in Sociology I turned towards social and market research. I have been leading hundreds of focus group sessions and individual interviews about various topics concerning our everyday lives.


Asked people why they would prefer one TV program to an other one, which speech of the president would be more convincing, which communicational campaign would make them buy tickets for public transportation instead of cheating, or would make them more willing to use condoms at party times….

There is hardly any topic, general or especially sensitive that I had not have met throughout these 18 years of professional work.


Somewhat later I have started to teach at universities, mainly at the ELTE Faculty of Social Sciences and at the MCC, Leadership Program to pass the “art of questioning” onto others. I have enjoyed teaching immensely.


I now feel that finally the time has come to me to use all my skills and expertise on helping people instead of companies, in their private matters instead of their academic achievements. My mission from now on is to add value to each and every individual’s life that I encounter with.




Amrita Sher-Gil was a genius female painter, with an unbelievable life-story.  All Hungarian and Indian women should be proud of her, as she was one of us.

The story begins as a fairy tale in the early years of the 20th century. The beautiful and talented Hungarian upper-middle class woman meets the Sikh aristocrat man in England. They fell in love and get married. They come to live in Hungary and have two children. Both girls look after their fathers…

Veres Mandy Holdkő     T.: 06 70 517 2995     E-mail: mandy@eletedregenye.hu