What is this all about?

What is this all about?


Why are these recordings and these interviews so important?

And how is this done?


I am conducting interviews about life-stories that are very personal and sensitive to each individual. It will bring back to life the unique pathways each and every one of us has had to follow and is still here to continue to follow.


I am recording the strongest emotions that many people have had to experience, and sometimes in the most unbelievable situations. Many of us in our life have had to ask difficult questions, and have had to make the hardest decisions that have either been very painful and sometimes have definitely been life changing.


My task as a professional interviewer is to help and guide you on this special journey. You may be lost for words, or feel unable to say the thing that is truly in your heart; but I am there to help to ease and steer you, and to help you speak just as you wish.


These are just some of the skills that I have, to make you feel comfortable and to make you feel at ease.


Naturally there will be a time to warm up or I should say a preparation, so we can get to know each other a bit, and when the connection is there between us we will push the record button on the camera and begin Your journey!


I have also learnt that in many cases it is easier to open up to a stranger, who is not an everyday friend or a close family member. A stranger, who can offer you a blank page to write your own personal story, instead of reinforcing very old pictures of you and rigid roles between the two of you! To whom, you are not obliged in any way, or feel awkward to show yourself strong, perfect and invulnerable, to someone you can be just yourself. With me there is no bad history and there is no bad baggage, you can just cry and laugh as you feel.


Most of us think there is plenty of time to leave a record or a legacy about our life till late on, few years later, and then suddenly extreme situations may enter our lives like sickness, accident, etc. which can make time suddenly a crucial factor. It is never too late to make a legacy till we have a heart to beat and a mouth to say the words.

I am recording the conversations in HD quality, and will give you the dvd without editions but without blank minutes either.


Amrita Sher-Gil was a genius female painter, with an unbelievable life-story.  All Hungarian and Indian women should be proud of her, as she was one of us.

The story begins as a fairy tale in the early years of the 20th century. The beautiful and talented Hungarian upper-middle class woman meets the Sikh aristocrat man in England. They fell in love and get married. They come to live in Hungary and have two children. Both girls look after their fathers…

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