Life is an adventure and a mystery, and as it unfolds, each and every one of us has our own unique story to tell. When we look back on the road that we have travelled so far, the memories it can bring back can be happy or sad, filled with sorrow or pain.

Usually it is a mixture of all of these emotions and a cocktail of hundreds more;

but whatever they my be, what’s for sure is that each and every one of us has our own exclusive story that needs to be told, that must be told!


If not for us then as a legacy to our children, and to our grandchildren!

So let me ask you;


Do you remember your favorite family stories that you were told a million times in your childhood and you still never lost your enthusiasm for listening to them?

Can you recall the ones that made you laugh and the ones that made you sad?


What did your parents and grandparents tell you about their lives?

What do they know about your ancestry?

Would you like to have the answers to these questions and keep them with you forever? Would you like to hear the stories from their own mouth, with their unforgettable voice and with their special smile on their face?

Would you like to be able to listen to them a many times to acquaint yourself with their

And let your great-grand children do that too?


If you would, than I can help You in that.


Maybe it is You who is the Grandmother, the Father, the important Relative who has something to say.

Maybe you are the one who could not yet tell to your loved ones the important words that should have been said.

But that the day will come, when they will want to listen and they will need to hear your words.


If you feel that the time has come, and you just need to open the door to your memories, and your thoughts to flow freely, but you feel that you need a pair of safe hands on your shoulders for encouragement and questions to guide you through from the beginning to end, then here I am for you.


Amrita Sher-Gil was a genius female painter, with an unbelievable life-story.  All Hungarian and Indian women should be proud of her, as she was one of us.

The story begins as a fairy tale in the early years of the 20th century. The beautiful and talented Hungarian upper-middle class woman meets the Sikh aristocrat man in England. They fell in love and get married. They come to live in Hungary and have two children. Both girls look after their fathers…

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