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Csepeli György, szociálpszichológus

My unique life

Have you been residing in Hungary for some time? Have you started to work, or study and live in this country? Have you met lots of challenges? Have you met new habits, new tastes, new people with different ways of thinking? Have you been affected? Have you changed?


Will you be moving  on at some point? Would you like to have the Hungarian chapter of your life to stay with you forever? Would you like to keep those unique details unfaded?  Well, this is exactly the thing I can help you.


I am collecting stories, mostly family stories, from the times that only your living ancestors can remember, and those ones that happened in your lifetime. I meet people to record their life stories, their challenges, their triumphs and their falls, their happiness and their sorrow. I laugh and I cry with them.


I also lived for some time in a different country, I know the impact of such an experience. It has changed me forever. Looking at it now, it is just a colorful part in my life, but it is definitely something I am happy to recall from time to time, but I have got some sadness as well when I realize that I have blank points, and missing elements in my memory.


So I found a way to preserve those precious details. The method is easy and a lot of fun. We will simply talk. I will meet you at your place, I will sit down with you on your favorite sofa, or wherever you prefer. I will listen to your story about your Budapest, starting with your arrival ending with the NOW. I will guide you with questions that will keep you on the right track while inspire you to express everything that really counts. I am good at that. We will set up a video camera focusing on you. You will be the star of the day, the center of the universe, while we talk. Our recorded conversation will be transformed to a dvd and I will hand it to you. So we have captured that part of you forever.


There is one more thing you can use this dvd for, you can send it to close friends and family living far away giving them an update where you are now. Something that would never come across on facebook or in short phone calls. You can send this dvd for birthdays or Christmas, and I can assure you, their hearts will be touched.





Elkezdtem a szüleimmel felvenni családunk történetét. Nekem sem könnyű ez. Nehezebben állom meg, hogy ne bőgjem el magam egy-egy olyan pillanatban… Ugyanakkor csodálatos, hogy akár egyetlen ilyen beszélgetés mennyire át tudja festeni a bennem élő képeket a múltamról, a rokonaimról, a hozzájuk fűződő kapcsolatomról és persze saját magamról. Hogy mennyi minden NEM véletlen.

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